Sunday, December 6, 2015

Samuel Sloan and Sarah update

Sam and Sarah will be taking a short break for the holidays. The third Samuel Sloan mystery will begin next year as Sam is about to be hired by a Ms. Rochelle Lockwell. So while I am enjoying holiday cheer...a teaser.

The door slid open and Sarah guided the dame into the office. Ms. Rochelle Lockwell according to the appointment. She had a hard look in her eye as she scanned the old room, possibly hoping for a little more of a high class detective than yours truly. I took her in as she made her judgments about the room. Tall and pale skinned in a dress of deep red and matching hat. The legs were the part hardest not to look at though. Strong ,shapely, and completely covered by chrome. The lady had a hard look in her eyes, and looked none too happy that she had to seek the services of a private detective. She sat down sliding a cigarette holder out of her purse. "Do you mind?"

On an unrelated topic I am on a search for some artwork of Samuel Sloan and/or Sarah. If any of my readers should have such talents my email is at the right of the blog.

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