Monday, October 26, 2015

Blossom and Cherry Part 3

I carefully studied at the map Sarah had provided as the rather obvious watchers outside moved about trying not to draw attention to themselves. “Do we still have that old motorcycle in the basement?”

“We do.” Sarah walked around the room pulling up data files. “It is a relic but as I am sure you recall I have been forbidden to get rid of it.”

“True but a relic with no tracking software and an old style gas engine, should evade all the usual methods of following someone. That just leaves jokers outside to ditch and I have an idea for that. How long until sunset?”

“Twenty seven minutes detective. What are you planning?”

“Something stupid most likely. Unless they sent a bunch of tech dependent rookies to watch over us.” I grabbed the spare hat and jacket that was stashed in the closet in case of emergencies like working all night or bleeding too much to make a good presentation to one’s clients. Cautiously staying out of sight from any prying eyes outside the windows, I slipped down to the Fairlane. Constructing from a few loose bits of office equipment a fair facsimile of my height and weight that would not hold up one second if anyone got a look at it. Then I programmed the auto drive to do a drive by of Cherry’s place, they should believe I would go there.

Sarah was waiting for me as I reentered the office. “As soon as the car reaches the Century club take control and set it to a new destination. Maintain contact as briefly as possible. The law will probably realize they have been had at that point. If we get really lucky we might draw them off for a wild goose chase.”

“Confirmed Detective. Although I must say this trick seems a touch juvenile.” Sarah peered at the ground below and our small collection of interested parties. If only we could get paying clients to line up that neatly paying the rent would be a much easier task.

“It is but I am betting no one has their best people on watching the office so it just might work once.” Sarah and I stared out the window at the as the sun slowly fell into the west. I slid quietly into the basement taking one last look at the time before starting my car on it’s automated path. The fairlane slowly made a right turn out of the garage then was gone. “Back to emergency communication Sarah.”

“Already taken care of detective, good luck.” Sarah’s voice faded as I gunned the engine on the relic of a motorbike driving though the dark into the narrowest alley I could find. I banked a hard left down the street on the other side as I flipped the headlight on. Even if I had not gotten rid of all of our tails, they would have a hard time following me now. I made a few more detours just to insure I was not being followed then pulled the bike quietly behind Sue’s tavern, a dive on the east side of town I used to meet up with Toshiro with before we parted ways. I slipped in the side door nodding at the hulking giant behind the bar. “Hey Sue long time no see.”

“Not long enough for that joke to get old apparently.” The big man slid a scotch on the rocks across the bar. His name was really Brian, but we had been calling him Sue since he bought this place decades ago.

I stopped it mid slide and took a sip. “Good to see you big guy. Has my old friend made an appearance?”

I heard an accented Japanese voice behind me. “Already here. You must learn to be more careful with who is behind you. As I seem to recall telling you before.”

I spun and saw my old friend sitting quietly in an out of the way booth. I should not have been surprised. Toshiro always had a knack for not being noticed unless he wanted to be. I slid in across from him setting my hat on the table. “And I always told you your choice of employment was going to land you in a lot of trouble one day.” Toshiro had aged well in the years since I had seen him. There were still several wrinkles and a touch of gray that was not there before.

“Then it seems we are both wise..or both fools. Since you are here in one piece can I assume Asiru is safe?” Toshiro slowly sipped from a short glass as he eyed me intently.

I nodded slowly. “I got her out just in time and have her stashed safely for the moment. There are a lot of people looking for you two though. Care to tell me what happened?”

“I don’t want to involve you any more than you already are. I fear I have already asked too much as it is.” Toshiro sat there quietly considering. I knew from past experience that it was a waste of time trying to get him to talk before he was ready. After a moment he finally spoke. “Suffice to say a few of my former employers were displeased with several of their men and last I heard I was the only one left alive.”

“I feel I should tell you I was visited by Haruki Kimura and he offered to let your daughter go in return for you.” I saw Toshiro’s eyes move toward the front door as I turned my head around just catching sight of three heavies. I just made it to the floor with Toshiro right behind me as they opened fire with automatics riddling the place with bullets as the sound of shattering glass rang overhead.

Two of them moved in with the third covering as our friendly local bartender came up from behind the bar with a double barreled shotgun. Two loud bangs and their rear guard went down like a pile of lead. The two others returned fire and Sue took a shot in the shoulder as he fell to the ground. He had given us the distraction we needed as Toshiro and I put down the other two attackers. I normally don’t like shooting a man in the back exceptions can be made however.

I turned to Toshiro. “Motorcycle is in back. Get out of here, I’ll cover this.”

“If I live through this I will owe you a debt that cannot be repaid.” Toshiro vanished out the side door as I heard the metal steps of BULS units right behind me.

“Everyone drop you weapons. You are all detained pending investigation.” I complied and took my seat back at the booth, finishing my drink just before Lieutenant Bruno arrived with a few more BULS. “I seem to recall telling you I did not want to see a mess from this situation.” Bruno walked through the door kicking aside a bit of broken glass. “Arrest Samuel Sloan for obstruction of a police investigation, and whatever else I think up on the way back to the station.”

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